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SRI LANKA ONLINE (SOL), COLOMBO based ISP presence provider (Internet Service Provider) that specializes in Dail up internet, IT support, VOIP / NET2PHONE, WEB hosting on the Windows Server / Linux platforms. Founded in February of 1998 with the goal of providing the technology and resources that small and medium sized businesses require to make them competitive and successful in the online marketplace at a cost effective price.

SRI LANKA ONLINE (SOL) understands that the relationship between an online business and the company they rely on for their online web presence is more of a business partnership than a classic vendor-client relationship as the success of one ultimately dictates the success of the other. It is through this fundamental understanding and clear focus that SRI LANKA ONLINE (SOL) has become known for offering the highest quality customer service, outstanding value, reliability, performance, and best-in-class hosting service. With thousands of businesses island wide relying on SRI LANKA ONLINE (SOL) each day for their dial up & web related solution needs, business users can rest assured that they are selecting a reliable and providing hosting partner to power their web presence.


Our services are limited to any digital creative work and Mobile APPS solutions, that can help you to build your online business image in a way that makes you proud and happy :)



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Sri Lanka.
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